About Historic Saint Paul

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Historic Saint Paul promotes the maintenance and reuse of existing buildings and neighborhoods.

Historic Saint Paul was founded in 1998 by a group of committed citizens, with assistance from the City of Saint Paul. Our mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the historic character of Saint Paul neighborhoods.

Historic Saint Paul works in partnership with private owners, community organizations, and public agencies to leverage Saint Paul’s cultural and historic resources as assets in economic development and community building initiatives.

Historic Saint Paul envisions that our preservation work will result in an increased cultural, economic, and social value for the city. Our work is focused on achieving:

  • Strong vibrant communities for people of all income levels;
  • A preservation ethic that promotes the maintenance and reuse of existing buildings and neighborhoods, sustainable urban development, and quality future design;
  • Historic residences, commercial buildings, and neighborhood landmarks—including those in distressed neighborhoods—that are viewed as assets rather than liabilities;
  • Residents with an enhanced sense of belonging and an understanding and appreciation of their homes, commercial buildings, and neighborhoods.

Historic Saint Paul works through four program areas to achieve its mission. These four areas are:

  1. Neighborhood Preservation
  2. Advocacy
  3. Cultural Heritage
  4. Education

HSP is managed by a Board of Directors with expertise in architecture, community development, urban planning, education, historic preservation, affordable housing, non-profit management, and finance.