Cultural Heritage

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

A rendering of the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

The term “cultural heritage” refers not only to historic buildings, but to the intangible qualities of a place. Cultural heritage encompasses all the attributes of a place that have aesthetic, historic or social value for past, present and future generations.

Historic Saint Paul promotes the history of Saint Paul neighborhoods and assists with efforts to interpret cultural resources, particularly those in core city neighborhoods.

  • Tour Saint Paul Neighborhood Guides: The award winning series of neighborhood guides highlights historic landmarks in Saint Paul’s core neighborhoods. The guides include walking tours of past and present destinations in lesser-known historic areas of Saint Paul.
  • Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary: Occupying a former railroad yard on the eastern edge of downtown Saint Paul, the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary reclaims a historic natural and cultural landscape. Historic Saint Paul partnered with the Lower Phalen Creek Project to sponsor a series of educational panels that will inform visitors of the natural and cultural significance of the park.

Educational panels at the Bruce Vento Nature SanctuaryEducational panels at the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary