Restore Saint Paul: Frequently Asked Questions

Geranium Avenue Restore Saint Paul Project

A Restore Saint Paul project in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood

What is the Restore Saint Paul loan program?

The Restore Saint Paul loan program is a residential and commercial revitalization program initiated by Historic Saint Paul. Through Restore Saint Paul, Historic Saint Paul provides incentive loans to assist in preserving and restoring the historic character of buildings in Saint Paul.

Is technical or architectural assistance available?

Yes! Loan recipients will receive low-cost technical and architectural assistance. A Historic Saint Paul preservation consultant will work with property owners to ensure that the improvements are consistent with the historic character of the building.

Am I eligible to receive a Restore Saint Paul loan?

Any property owner residing (or doing business) within the Restore Saint Paul target area (see below) is eligible to receive a loan. Any non-profit organization that is renovating a property within the target area is eligible as well. Rental properties are eligible on a case by case basis.

Where is the Restore Saint Paul target area?

The geographic boundaries of the Restore Saint Paul Loan Program encompass the following target areas:

  • The West Side Neighborhood (Planning District 3)
  • The Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood (Planning District 4)
  • The Payne-Phalen Neighborhood (Planning District 5)
  • The North End Neighborhood (Planning District 6)
  • The Frogtown Neighborhood (Planning District 7)
  • The Summit University Neighborhood (Planning District 8)
  • The West Seventh Neighborhoood (Planning District 9)

Is my property eligible to receive a Restore Saint Paul loan?

Any residential or commercial property that is located within the target area, and was built before 1940, is eligible to receive a Restore Saint Paul loan.

How much can I borrow through the loan program?

Property owners can receive up to $10,000 through the Restore Saint Paul loan program. Additional funds may be approved for exceptional properties or projects. Property owners are expected to match the Restore Saint Paul loan funds on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

What are the terms of the loan?

Loans to property owners are made available at low interest rates, currently between 0% and 5%. The re-payment terms of the loan are based on individual needs.

What type of improvements are eligible for loan funds?

The loan must be used for improvements to the building façade that are visible from the street. All work must be consistent with the historic character of the property. Examples of eligible work on residential properties include siding, windows, doors and porches. Examples of allowable work on commercial properties include masonry repair, doors, entrances, awnings, lighting and signs. Examples of ineligible work include roof repairs, garages and decks.

How do I apply for a loan?

Download an application form and return it to Historic Saint Paul