Preservation Journal: Spring 2003

Preservation Journal: Spring 2003

Do Saint Paul’s Harvest States Head House and Sack House Have a Future?

by Robert Roscoe

Rising above St. Paul’s Mississippi River shoreline at the foot of Irvine Park near Shepard Road, a one-story-walled gable-roofed shed connected to a concrete tower sits empty. Passersby have long asked themselves: what is it?

Also included in this issue:

  • Historic Saint Paul: A Nonprofit Working for Saint Paul Neighborhoods
  • The Saint Paul Union Depot May Regain Its Transportation Role
  • Preservation 101: Vernacular and High Style
  • Local Businesses Contribute to Preservation
  • Preservation People
  • Preservation Development Initiative
  • National Preservation Week May 5-12, 2003: “Cities, Suburbs and Countryside”
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