Preservation Journal: Spring 2007

Preservation Journal Spring 2007

Preservation & Transit on Saint Paul’s Central Corridor

by Carol Swenson

By the year 2014, the Twin Cities will have undergone a major transformation—the construction of a light rail line linking downtown Saint Paul and downtown Minneapolis. Following a historic alignment, the $1 billion “Central Corridor LRT Line” represents both a challenge and an opportunity for historic preservation.

Also included in this issue:

  • Making Old Skin Look Newer and Fresher
  • Investing In Saint Paul’s Underutilized Neighborhoods
  • African American Heritage Corridor Guide to be Published
  • Schmidt is Happening!
  • New Board Members
    • Shawntera Hardy
    • Gar Hargens, AIA
    • Andrew Hine
    • Marek Mino
  • Tourist Cabins Sign Goes to MNHS
  • Book Notes St. Paul’s Architecture: A History
  • Mapping Historic Preservation Potential
  • Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation Awarded a $25,000 Grant to Historic Saint Paul
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