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Preservation Journal Fall 2003

Preservation Journal: Fall 2003

Payne Avenue: East Side’s Main Street Once More Gains Growth by Immigrants

Just as Payne Avenue provided Swedish immigrants in the 1880’s with their first business locale in America, the lively street today forms an inviting commercial environment for Asian and Latino entrepreneurs. It was the Scandinavian influx that created Payne Avenue as the East Side’s prime business district with its own sense of identity, the street’s revitalization is now being propelled by this new class of immigrants.

Preservation Journal: Spring 2003

Preservation Journal: Spring 2003

Do Saint Paul’s Harvest States Head House and Sack House Have a Future?

by Robert Roscoe

Rising above St. Paul’s Mississippi River shoreline at the foot of Irvine Park near Shepard Road, a one-story-walled gable-roofed shed connected to a concrete tower sits empty. Passersby have long asked themselves: what is it?